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Making billing easier than ever for businesses and freelancers!

Does the Hard Work

From making custom invoices to printing and emailing, this billing software does it all so you can focus on building your business.

Modern & Beautiful Invoices

Sleek Bill adopts a minimalist design that’s attractive and user-friendly. This determining factor can help set your business apart.

Fast & Time Saving

Sleek Bill affords you the opportunity to edit your invoices and send them to your customers in real time, even in PDF form.

Complete Billing Reports

Create invoices, print client reports, payment history and services. All the invoicing information you need to run your business efficiently.

Adapts to Your Needs

Our billing software adapts to your needs and improves itself as you continue using it. It remembers client data, products or customers and autocompletes it whenever required.

Backs Up and Restores Your Data

All your business data is safely stored and secured in your personal computer. Sleek Bill also provides you with top of the range backup and restoration features.

Email or Print your Invoices

Sleek Bill offers emailing and printing features for your invoice documents. In a few clicks, your invoice will be ready to email, print or save as PDF.

One license, unlimited devices

Sleek Bill works perfectly well with Windows 8 as well as all recent versions. The best billing software also has a Mac version. Use it with your existing license or subscription.

Free Updates

Our work is never done! Ongoing product updates improve your experience over time. And if you like, we’ll e-mail you our latest news.

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We Keep your Data Safe!

We know that losing your business data is very painful. We had this in mind when designing Sleek Bill, so we offer backup features which help save your billing information.

Simply download & start billing

There is no special media or plugins required to use this billing software. It’s built for small businesses and freelancers. Get all billing features free for 30 days!.

20 people. 120 years of experience

We average 6 years of experience developing billing software that makes clients’ life easier and more efficient.

We’re on the Mac too!

The best desktop invoice software now has a Mac version. Use it with your existing PC license or subscription.

Bitcoins are welcome.

Got bitcoins? You can trade some for a full Sleek Bill subscription. To do so, click here.

Link to PayPal on your invoices.

Now your invoices can link to your PayPal account for faster and more convenient payments.

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