Sleek Bill makes accounting as easy as A, B, C!

Mac accounting software tailored to meet your demands

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Designed to make invoicing on your Mac a hassle-free experience!

Impressing Design & Experience

We designed Sleek Bill having in mind the high expectations of Mac customers. Save time and money with our easy to use interface and enjoy the best accounting software for Mac.

Free Updates &

Your customers’ expectations evolve constantly and so does our accounting software for Mac. The free updates & improvements we provide allow you to enjoy beautifully designed, modern software.

Free Dedicated

We aim to meet and exceed your expectations and in order to do so the first step consists in understanding them. No other billing software for Mac provides you with free support of such quality.

Intelligent features and functions

Reversible/Voidable invoices, custom notes on every document, a multi-company system and more. You name it, our accounting software has it!

Never lose your invoice data again!

Due to Sleek Bill, you don’t have to ever again worry about losing your financial data. The specially developed data backup feature in Sleek Bill for Mac enables you to save your database at any time or even transfer it to another computer.

Quick and Detailed reports

Thanks to Sleek Bill for Mac’s user friendly interface accessing reports, customer lists, products, services or anything in between is as easy as Sunday morning.

One License for ALL your devices

Mac users will benefit from the same efficient one pay system for all platforms. Once you have acquired the license, you can use Sleek Bill on as many computers, PC or Mac, as you need. Note: our license is valid per company.

20 people.
140 years of know-how

We spent the last 7 years developing accounting software for Mac and PC that aims to benefit our customers. We consider that professional invoicing software can do wonders for any small business.

Efficient autocomplete

Your time is money so don’t pour it down the drain by inputting the same data over and over again. Sleek Bill comes with efficient autocomplete service ready to use every time you need it.

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