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Why should I use online invoicing software?

If you have a business and send invoices, have stock that needs to be checked or want to keep track of your sales every month, but still want to be able to do this on the go, then you can benefit

How do I buy Sleek Bill?

Just head over to our pricing page, [asta va fi linkuit cu pricing page, select the premium plan, enter your data and boom, you’ve got premium billing software! Next time you log into your account you’ll see that you’ve been upgraded to your new plan. If your premium license expires, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access your data and still have a free plan until you decide to upgrade again.

Is it safe to use Sleek Bill Online?

Absolutely! We take our clients security very seriously. We’ve been around since 2013 and we already have more than 40.000 customers that use Sleek Bill (desktop and online). We strive to give you the best financial software and Sleek Bill Online is our newest release, which has been developed according to the security standards of our industry.

My business is in India, I need GST, can I use Sleek Bill?

Yes! Sleek Bill Online has all the GST and composition scheme features that you need for your billing needs. You can create GST tax invoices, credit notes, quotes, bill of supply or get GST reports whenever you need to. Just select your taxation type as GST or composition scheme and you’re ready to go!

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