5 Reasons Why Sleek Bill Is Just Better Than QuickBooks

While an almost all encompassing and expensive billing program sounds like it can do just about anything you need it do, even cook your breakfast, the truth is that smarter, easy to use software like Sleek Bill will always come out ahead for the day-to-day user. The vast majority of people who use billing software are not in any way affiliated with huge corporations, so many of the features that thick, hard-to-operate programs like QuickBooks offer don’t actually help, but rather get in the way. This will end up costing clients more time, more money and just load their already full schedule, with no significant payback. There are quite a few versions of invoice software solutions on the market that are easier to use than QuickBooks, but few offer such great quality as Sleek Bill.

For more details about why Sleek Bill is the best alternative to QuickBooks, just look below:

It's Easier To Use

Sleek Bill has the perfect mix of practical features and an easy to use interface. You won’t have to learn complicated procedures like you have to when using QuickBooks. There are no manuals to read or courses to take, simply install the software and you are ready to go. You also won’t have a clogged dashboard with toolbars upon toolbars that you never use, just a simple, intuitive, easy to figure out interface.

Our Invoice Software will Save You Time

Sleek Bill will save you a lot of time for the exact reasons specified above. It isn’t packed full of useless features. You won’t have to read a book or take a course to understand how to use it so it will prove the perfect QuickBooks alternative for people who just want to make and send beautiful invoices is fast and efficient manner.

It's a more Cost-Efficient Solution

Sleek Bill is far less expensive than most other invoicing software on the market. For less money, however, you get better service, easier to use software, more efficient time use and, most importantly, high quality customer care. All this leads to modern, beautifully looking invoices that will give that extra bit of professionalism your business has been lacking. At the end of the day, that’s what you’re looking for isn’t it?

Better Customer Service

Sleek Bill offers better technical support service than QuickBooks. Attentive customer care, with around the clock support provided by a well-trained team makes any Sleek Bill question, problem or complaint easy to solve and as time effective as possible. The problem with having an unfriendly interface and a lot of manual procedures like in other large programs, is that customer service quality will drop. Even the staff trained to help you with your problems will have a tough time figuring out or remembering all the commands.

Sleek Bill is all Around More Efficient

Customers generally look for efficiency from their billing software. This means that they don’t want to waste time or money on a tedious job and this is why Sleek Bill is the perfect alternative for QuickBooks. It helps you do things faster, easier, for less money while providing you with a better overall experience.