How to create a professional Invoice?
Top 10 tips for an easy billing experience

Aspiring business owners and freelancers will eventually have to deal with creating invoices, no matter what stage they’re in now. This is a very important aspect of the administrative side of a business and you will need something more than a couple of numbers thrown in a table. To make sure you’re making an invoice the right way, you can choose a software with pre-made templates to help you. A superior free invoice software can help you spend less time on writing these invoices and turn a tedious job into an efficient and professional part of your business.

If you’re not sure how a professional invoice should look like and how to recognize the best invoice software for your needs, read these tips:

1. Choose a complete invoice software for your business needs

This can help you save lots of time and avoid future headaches. You need to make sure the free invoice software of your choice is up to the task. It should have the flexibility and functionality that you require.Try not to overthink about your far future needs and go with a simple software. It shouldn’t have too many features that you will never use, it should make your life easier by having a friendly user interface and it shouldn’t take too much time to learn your way around it.

2. Make sure you can customize your invoices

Adding a logo, changing the color or having multiple templates are desirable features for an invoice software. It convinces your customer that you are a professional and care about every aspect of your business. Also be sure to check that once you save an invoice you can also go back to edit it if you need to.

3. Include all the necessary details on your invoices

Make sure to add all your contact details to assure your client that you are easy to reach if anything happens. Add payment terms, due dates or any upfront payments to your invoices to make everything as clear as possible and avoid any unpleasant situations. This will help you run your business easier and keep everything up to date.

4. Keep track of your invoices in an easy way

You probably want to know how much you made in a month, which client paid an invoice and who has forgotten to pay their dues. Make sure your free invoice software includes the option to see your client balances to help you be in control of your business’s cash flow.

5. Backup your invoices, avoid data loss

No invoice software in this world can protect you from computer malfunction so make sure you backup your files regularly. Some billing software companies have cloud solutions that allow you to store your financial data online, safely accessible by you from any browser.Regardless of the product you are using, make sure you can access your files and everything is protected even when your hardware fails you.

6. Do not sell yourself cheaper

At the beginning, it might be very tempting to lower your prices to have a competitive advantage and get more clients. But by being paid less the quality of your work might be affected which will hurt your reputation. Lowering your prices below market average will attract clients that might scam or take advantage of you. If you still decide this is the best way for your to start, make sure you protect yourself with an upfront and clear payment system in your invoice.

7. Easy access to your invoices

You might have an unreliable internet connection so you might choose an offline invoicing solution. Or you might want to stay connected all the time, so going for the accessible cloud billing software is the right decision for you. It’s important to choose an invoicing software that works for you and is adaptable to your needs.

8. Adapts to your tax system

If you are creating invoices you will inevitably end up paying taxes. Having a professional invoice software will help you keep track of the tax amount you need to charge in order to cover your tax payment. Make sure the software of your choice has an option to add tax on your invoice and make clear documents for your clients.

9. The best invoice software saves you time

When you are choosing the best billing software for you, make sure it actually saves you time when using it. It should be user friendly, easy to learn and with accessible features that should not take you long to discover. Readily available templates for everything from quotes to invoices will help you spend less time on invoices and focus more and getting the work done.

10. Safety comes first

Whether you download an offline invoicing software or choose an online one, make sure it comes from a reliable source, not from shady websites that spam you with many pop-up ads. These are your financial documents after all, so it is mandatory to check if your chosen software is secure. If other people are using it, if the media has written about it or if the company is present on social media are good starter points.

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