Why pay with bitcoin?

Bitcoins are a relatively new form of currency and as such can be a lesser known method of payment. This however doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Just like any other form of payment they come with advantages and disadvantages, which, depending on your situation can actually prove to be a better solution for your needs when compared to classic currency.

Security reasons, anonymity and haste can be cited as great reasons to use the bitcoin as currency and with its popularity ever growing it could become a payment form that leaves government issued currency obsolete

Here are more advantages that come with bitcoin payments:

1.It boils down to being ahead of the curve. Bitcoins may be just starting to become a popular form of payment as increased media attention in the last couple of years has raised their profile but relatively few businesses, mostly online, accept payment with bitcoins.

2.The process is easy. No security measures, PIN’s or tedious bank dealings. With a couple of clicks you’ll have made a safe and easy payment and enjoy your newly acquired products. Not to say that banks aren’t secure, but it is just faster to pay via bitcoin when given the opportunity.

3.It is a decentralized form of currency. There are no banks or political entities that can inflate or regulate the currency based on a certain political agenda or other subjective factors. More so, unlike regular currency it is not emitted by any form of government so your bitcoins belong to you and you alone.

4.The trust issue required for the current monetary and banking system to run is a thing of the past. By paying with bitcoins you get rid of the middle man. The need to “trust” is limited to you and the party you are making a payment to.